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E-ISSN 1994-4195
ISSN 1994-4160

Publication frequency – issued 4 times a year.
Issued from 2005.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Alexander Fedorov[Russia]Film Love, Simon (2018) as a Gay Manifesto in Cinema on School Theme2018, September128
2Alexander Fedorov[Russia], Anastasia Levitskaya[Russia]Comparative analysis of the development of mass media education in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries2018, September117
3Yakov Aslanov[Russia], Sergey Dyuzhikov[Russia], Vladimir Kurbatov[Russia], Gennadiy Vorobyev[Russia]Self-Management of the Net On-line Associations: Structure-Functional and Organizational Factors2018, September111
4L.A. Brusenskaya[Russia], V.A. Arsenieva[Russia], Tulus Suryanto[Indonesia]Verbal Crime: The Problem of Insult in the Media Text2018, September109
5Natalia Kirillovа[Russia]Media Studies Within the System of Contemporary Culture Studies Education2018, September108
6Galina Melnik[Russia], Konstantin Pantserev[Russia], Natalia Sveshnikova[Russia]Content analysis of media texts covering crises on practical seminars on political psychology as a necessary condition of the upgrade of the students’ communicative culture (on the example of chemical attack in ghouta in 2013)2018, September105
7Evgeny Aleksandrov[Russia], Anastasia Levitskaya[Russia]Technology of Integrated Media Education2018, December105
8Irina Chelysheva[Russia], Galina Mikhaleva[Russia]Hermeneutical Analysis of Feature Films of English-Speaking Countries About University Students2018, September103
9Alexander A. Kazakov[Russia]Political segment of students’ media literacy: an approach to measure it2018, September103
10Galina Mikhaleva[Russia]Hermeneutic analysis of internet sites of english-speaking countries about school and university 2018, September102

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